Winifred Calliope Tanner

Winnie was born on Terra (Earth), in a small town in rural Texas. Her mother died when she was very young and a man arrived soon afterwards, claiming to be her father. He produced proof of his relationship and was given custody of Winnie. Once he had legal custody, he returned to North Lake, in Shynia. He revealed then, that he didn’t know who Winnie’s father was. However, she was most certainly half-Shynian.

The man, Bradley Northrope, began training Winnie, who was already skilled in gymnastics, to be a cat burglar. Although he was not her biological father, Bradley cared for her and treated her like he would his own child. It wasn’t very long before Winnie began to gain a reputation as a thief. Soon, everyone knew that the Shadow Kitten, her alias when committing crimes, was not one to be trifled with.

Winnie might have continued her life of crime, except for a few chance occurances. The first was that her mentor and father figure was kidnapped by the Underground. Since they held him, she had to obey them. However, whatever trust or loyalty she might have felt to the organization was gone. She now worked with one goal: to find a way to free Bradley.

Soon after Bradley’s disappearance, a prominant North Lake family was murdered in their home. Winnie used her connections within the Underground to learn the reason for the murders. When she was captured by Shynian Intelligence, she used that knowledge as leverage to secure her freedom. The Underground is going to wish they hadn’t crossed paths with this “black cat” by the time she’s through.


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