school-men and metaphysicians

“The question isn’t so much related to who he is, but what he is,” Ezra said, looking up from his work. When the others simply stared at him, he shrugged and set the brush aside. “Would you like me to elaborate?”

“Are geysers hot?” Norton said, his tone sardonic.

Ezra smiled. “He’s said that his name is Yori Hummel,” he said. “Therefore, we know who he is. Why ask a question when you already have the answer?”

“Because we can’t find any record of someone by that name existing,” Norton snapped.

“Which is why we need to ask what Yori Hummel is,” Ezra pointed out. “Obviously, he isn’t a being from the world we know. He isn’t a ghost, because ghosts have no substance.”

“He definitely has that,” Winnie said, her cheeks warming at the memory of him kissing her. Whatever he might say, it was still a kiss – and a fairly passionate one.

“So, he’s not a person and he’s not a ghost,” Norton said, sounding irritable, “What does that leave?”

“Ezra didn’t say he wasn’t a person, Will,” Chris pointed out. He frowned and looked at Ezra. “He’s not a person of the world we know.” He glanced through the clear glass at the person on the other side. “What world is he from then?”

“What is he?” Ezra repeated, nodding.

Devin shrugged. “Why don’t we just ask him?” he suggested.


Continued here.


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