Is it a groove or a rut?

Rory watched from his vantage point across the green. Beth approached him cautiously. Occasionally, she would pause to look to the left or right. He could tell, even when she wasn’t looking out for trouble, she was listening for it.

For a moment, she disappeared from view. Rory’s brow furrowed. He waited for her to step back into view. That part of the green must have been lower than the rest. “Any moment,” he murmured.

He waited. Time ticked by and, still, Beth didn’t reappear. He bit his lip nervously. Where was she? Had someone been waiting in ambush for her? No, that didn’t make sense. But then, what was taking her so long to come up from the rut in the green?

“Rory,” a soft voice called.

He startled and spun around. Blinking, he realized who it was. “B-Beth?” he said, flushing. She’d come up behind him. How? He looked back over the green and squinted into the darkness. Now, he wondered. Had she disappeared into a small depression, as he’d thought, or had she dropped into a valley to come around behind him.

“So,” she said, “I guess someone needs to go back for a refresher course in surveillance.”


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