the haunting riddle of the self

Logan sighed in frustration. Shaking his head, he peered out into the front room of the apartment. “Some of his clothes is missing, as is a bag,” he reported.

Cyrus nodded. “He’s gone,” he said. He smoothed the fur of the dog that was rubbing on his thigh. “Left Josiah, but took Mischief.”

“He had to take her, didn’t he?” Logan said, arching an eyebrow. “She’s his familiar.” What should they do? “If we tell the Agency he’s gone, they’ll send Enforcers after him. He’s running – but not from us.”

“Right,” Cyrus said. “So… what do we do, then?”

“Tell them I’ve got him in protective custody,” Logan said. He caught Cyrus’s hand and added, “I’ll find him. One of us has to stay behind, though.”

“Be careful,” Cyrus said, nodding.

Logan nodded. As he headed out, he tried to figure out where Ezra would run. The problem was, he wasn’t sure Ezra would even know where to run. How was he supposed to know someone who hardly knew themselves?