Welcome to the Shadows

Alexander shivered. What kind of choice was that? He could live as a virtual slave or die peacefully? “I don’ wanna die,” he rasped. Looking up at Robin, he nodded. “I’ll accept the binding.”

Robin sighed in relief. He pulled a long sash out of his bag. “Put your hands together, Al,” he said. As Alexander complied, he began widing the sash around his wrists. “Alexander Pemberton, I bind you to my will. You will do as I command and not do what I do not command.”

Swallowing, Alexander nodded. “I accept this binding,” he whispered, “freely and – and without reservation. Let my will be bound in yours. I – I am yours to command.” He gasped as he felt the sash tighten around his wrists. Then, Robin kissed him gently, sealing the spell. The sash fell away immediately, but the job was already done.

As Robin pulled back, he asked, “Did you get any word out? What you uncovered about Henry, does anyone know? Tell me.”

“I sent a message to my cousin,” he breathed. Tears welled in his eyes and he shook his head. “Please, Robin, don’t let them hurt him!”

“They won’t,” Robin said. He drew Alexander to his feet and smirked. “You’re cousin’s in the Agency – on one of their intelligence teams and in protective custody. They won’t be able to get near him.” In a softer voice, he said, “If Charles or Cyril or even Henry ask, the message didn’t go through. Understand?”

Alexander nodded. He would do exactly as Robin said. At that point, he couldn’t fail in that. However, in spite of it being a lie, they wouldn’t be able to tell. Being bound under the compulsion to obey meant that whatever Robin said became “truth” – even if it was a factual lie.

“What happens now?” Alexander asked, looking at Robin warily.

Robin smirked. “Now?” he said, giving Alexander a sidelong glance. “Now, you get to walk that narrow line between honoring your vows as a Warden and upholding the law and breaking that same law, so that you live one more day. Welcome to the shadows, Al.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 10:43:11

    I like this arc. It’s very interesting.


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