gloomy anthropoid apes

“Geez,” Keenan said, as he stepped into the room. Everyone looked as if they’d just been told they were in for a month of rain showers. “Why’s everyone looking so depressed?” he asked.

“Director told us he wants to make some changes,” Bertram said. Grimacing, he added, “Again.” He shook his head and heaved a sigh.

“We are quite dreading what those changes will be,” Chrislyn said. He lifted one shoulder slightly. “His decisions have, so far, worked out quite well. However, they have been large adjustments that required flexibility on our parts.”

“No one likes change,” Keenan said, dropping onto a stool. Then he smiled and waved at the bartender. “No sense fretting and worrying over it. Let’s get our drink on and relax. His changes can’t go into effect until Monday, anyway.”

“It’s Sunday, Keenan,” Aidan said, smirking.

“Yeah?” Keenan said, blinking. Aidan nodded and Keenan laughed. “Thought today was Saturday.”