it’s now, or never again

Julian clenched his hands into fists, as he watched Brent stalk away. Why wouldn’t the man just listen? If they didn’t act, they’d end up missing what might be their only chance to leave that world! He shot a look at Miranda. She needed him to act. He wouldn’t let his child die in this godforsaken place.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Julian surged forward. He used his momentum to knock the larger man out of the way. As he heard Brent crash into a table, he turned on the communications equipment. They only had enough battery life for a moment, but a moment was all they needed.

“Lady Sarah, please come in,” Julian said into the comm. “This is Julian Southmaid, one of the passengers of the Cruiser Alistair, requesting assistance.”

“You fool,” Brent roared, catching him by the shirt and tugging him away. “You and your dreams! You don’t even know that there’s anyone there!”

The comm crackled to life. “Master Southmaid, this is Alexander Pemberton, on the Lady Sarah. We have your location, help is on the…” the comm died before the message had finished, but Brent – everyone – had heard enough.

As Brent released him, Julian took a step back. He straightened his clothing and said, “My dreams just saved your life, Master Forest.” Without waiting for a response, he spun and headed back out into the sunshine.


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