Floating in Empty Space

“What’s he doing?” Kit asked, watching Julian drift by outside the ship. He wasn’t used to anyone moving around outside the ship.

Ryan looked away from his view screen and shrugged. “He went out to make repairs,” he said. Rolling his eyes, he added, “I’d do it, but Miss Neary told me I’m not allowed to space walk.”

Kit grimaced. It was disconcerting enough to see Julian drifting around outside the ship, he would have had a heart attack if Ryan had floated by outside the window. Environmental suit or not, it was just too dangerous for a child. “When you’re older,” he said, turning to walk away.

“Why does everything have to wait until I’m older?” Ryan called, as the captain headed out of the room. “I’m twelve, you know? I’m not a child anymore.”

“You really are, Ryan,” Kit murmured. Thankfully, Ryan couldn’t hear his words, as the doors chose that moment to slide shut.