everything is as it was

Alexander chewed his lip as he made his way to the cabin where he’d be living for the next four years. He hated change. Robin could adapt to new things so much more easily than he could. Tears welled in his eyes briefly, but he shook them away. He wasn’t going to cry! He refused!

“Hey,” a soft, familiar voice said.

Looking up, Alexander found Robin approaching him. He tightened his grip on the bag that was slung over one shoulder. “I wanna go home!” he breathed.

Robin sighed and set a hand on one shoulder. “Deep breaths, Al,” he murmured. “I’m right here and my cabin is adjoined to yours. This… Lord, Al, we’ll be safer here than we could ever hope to be anywhere else! The Underground can’t reach us here!”

Alexander exhaled and nodded. Robin couldn’t understand why Alexander didn’t want this. He saw it as an escape from their troubles. He was right, but that didn’t change how Alexander felt. It was change and change was bad!

Robin took his hand and tugged him along, until they reached the cabin. As the doors slid opened, Alexander looked up. He stared in shock. He’d seen the captain’s cabin and the ship’s councilor’s cabin. Both of them were the same – dark and cold and… just not the sort of place where he could ever be comfortable. This room, however…

“It’s like my room at home,” he breathed.

Chuckling softly, Robin drew him inside. “I have gotta hand it to that lady,” he said, his voice soft. “Weston certainly knows how to make someone comfortable in their new surroundings. She said, as an innocent, change is… emotionally difficult for you. The only way to make the transition easy for you would be to replicate our apartment here.”

Alexander nodded and stepped deeper into the room. It wasn’t perfect. The door slid open and shut and the windows showed a view of unfamiliar stars, rather than the cityscape he was used to. However, the rest was just as it should be. Everything was as it was at home.

“I’ll have to thank her later,” Alexander murmured.