an angel in distress

Winston glided over the tops of the buildings, his feet skimming rooftops. Then, he spotted his target. He lighted on the peaked dormer on one building. For several minutes, he watched the person he’d been sent to find.

His brows furrowed as a shadowy figure approached the person he was watching. The two spoke for a moment, in hushed tones. Winston strained his hearing, but couldn’t catch a single word.

Then, he heard his target say, “No! Don’t!” His eyes widened as a cry of pain echoed through the darkened street.

As the shadowy attacker sprinted away, disappearing into the darkness, Winston swooped down to land beside the victim. “Ezra,” he cried. “Are you…” his words broke off when he saw that Ezra wasn’t conscious.

“Just hang on,” he breathed. Then, he spun away and hit the button of his communicator. “Angel to BOO. Requesting assistance, agent down. I repeat: Agent down!”


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