I’m a bee, I’m a guy, I’m a bee, I’m a guy

Keenan was trying to focus on his paperwork, for a change. He would have thought that Bertram would have chased the others out of the room. After all, didn’t the man always say he needed to get his paperwork done in a timely manner.

“What is that humming?” Trenton said, his brows furrowing. He rubbed his ear and looked at Bertram and Rory. “Can you hear it?”

“It… sounds like a bee,” Rory said. His eyes widened and he looked over at Keenan. “But, it would have to be huge to make a hum like that!”

“It’s not a bee,” Keenan snapped, turning back to his work. “It’s Brook.”

“A man is humming like that?” Bertram said, sounding confused. “How?”

Keenan sighed and set his pen aside. “With his wings, Bertram,” he said. His voice was soft. Anyone who knew him should have known he was nearing the end of his patience.

“So… is he a bee or a guy?” Trenton asked, his brows furrowing together as he tried to figure out the seeming puzzle. “I mean, if he’s got buzzy wings…”

“He’s a sprite!” Keenan pushed away from his desk and stood. Hefting the fireplace poker, he waved it at them. “Get out and let me work.” They retreated to the sitting room and Keenan dropped back down into his chair.

After a moment, he said, “You can stay, Brook.” The low humming resumed and Keenan sighed in pleasure as he turned back to his work.

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