Something he can’t explain…

Bertram frowned at the computer screen. What did he think of these claims of hallucinations? What could he say to that? Keenan was paranoid. Everyone knew that. Rory was traumatized by his ex-wife. They all knew that too. That left Chris…

He broke off the train of thought and glanced over his shoulder. Was that the door? “Beth?” he said, stepping away from the desk to peer into the corridor. He gasped and staggered back.

“Don’t think you can run, boyo,” the man said, following him into the room.

Bertram’s heart was hammering in his chest. All his senses said this man was there! He couldn’t just see him. He could hear him – smell him! The man who’d killed his brother! “Stay back,” Bertram rasped, grabbing his side arm.

He blinked and… the man was gone. Bertram blinked again and set the weapon down. Trembling, he stepped across the room. Nothing. Not a sound. He peered out of the room and held his breath when the knob turned. It opened and he sighed in relief.

“Bertram?” Beth said, blinking. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah,” Bertram said, nodding. “I – I just have one thing to finish up. Then, I’ll come to bed.” Beth smiled at him and nodded. Bertram sighed and strode back to the computer. He typed three words. “We met tomorrow.” That was all he needed to say.


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