over the world and under the world

Joram frowned slightly as he stared at the headstone. It had been one thing when Daniel had died. They’d all known he was sick. It was, almost, a relief to hear that his suffering was finally over.

That wasn’t the case with Cassidy. She was younger than Joram. She was active and lived one of those healthy lifestyles that doctors were always trying to get Joram to adopt. In fact, that lifestyle had – in a round about way – caused her untimely death.

Joram’s magic – the only power he had – was seeing things in his mind that he couldn’t possible see with his eyes. Things that happened far away or long ago. All he had to do was close his eyes and he saw them. It was like watching a movie.

He closed his eyes now. He could see Cassidy jogging along her familiar route through the park. She was enjoying the solitary run, listening to music on her headphones. Then, a form loomed in front of her. Joram gasped softly, more out of reflex than actual pain. The attacker had struck Cassidy across the temple, rendering her unconscious almost immediately.


He pushed the vision away and opened his eyes. “Who would do this?” he asked Cianal, his voice coming out faint. He glanced over his shoulder at his clerk. “Who’s next?” Cassidy was safe now, her body in the ground and her soul in heaven. That wasn’t true of the rest of the members of the High Court.