one day here and the next day gone

Eishi tried to focus on getting ready for the day. However, his thoughts kept straying back to the night before and the week that had led up to that night. Cassidy was… gone. He’d bid her goodbye the morning of her death. He’d stood on the front stoop of his townhouse and kissed her cheek furtively – no one knew they were dating. Neither of them was ready to tell anyone.

It had never occurred to him until he’d arrived at court that day just how quickly life could change. One day, he’d been in a secret romance with a fellow member of the High Court and the next… she was gone. Now, he was grieving. That was only natural, but no one knew how close they were, so none of the others could understand why Cassidy’s death had effected him so strongly.

He sighed and reached out to smooth his fingers through the soft feathers of his gryphlin. It was a gift from Cassidy. “If I had it to do again,” he murmured, “I would tell everyone what we had.”

The gryphlin chirped and nuzzled his hand, releasing a throaty purr at the attention.

Eishi sighed and turned away. He needed to get moving or he’d be late. They needed to orient their newest member. Time marched on and he had no choice but to be swept along with it.

((Author’s note: gryphlins are small gryphon-like creatures with the front end and wings of a parrot and the back end of a cat.))