destiny calls and I go

Barnabas had never asked to be appointed as a judge on the High Court. He certainly hadn’t wished to gain a seat because one of their prestigious number had been murdered. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t want the job – that he wouldn’t do his best at it.

As he knelt among the other four judges, he looked them over and tried to figure out his first impressions of them. Henry didn’t seem capable of taking the job seriously. Eishi looked like he wished he were somewhere else. Joram was completely inscrutable. Then, there was Amera.

She was the only woman among them now. She seemed to innocent to understand the implications of their decisions. She was soft and lovely, but there seemed to be a strength inside her – hiding just beneath the surface. It made him wonder what these people were like outside of the court. Perhaps, God willing, he’d learn that too.