that we should voyage far

“Do they do it on purpose?” Barnabas asked, looking over at Joram. The senior judge made a curious sound and Barnabas added, “It seems that they chose this place to make us travel as far as possible. Was their intention?”

Joram blinked and then looked intently at Barnabas. “You… really don’t know?” he asked, looking shocked. He didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, he looked at the others. “What about the rest of you. Do you know why this place was chosen as the home of the High Court?”

Eishi and Amera both shook their head, but Henry grinned brightly. “I know,” he said excitedly. He looked at Barnabas. Nodding proudly, he said, “This is where they wrote the constitution. The sovereign and the councils all meet in the capital, but they wanted us separate – so we’d remember that we aren’t supposed to toe any party line.”

Joram nodded. “They selected this place because it’s where our first laws were set down,” he said, his voice soft. “What better place for the High Court to meet than the one that gave birth to the laws we’re meant to uphold?”

“When you put it that way…” Barnabas said, his voice faint. He smiled faintly at Joram and then at Henry. Maybe he’d been a little harsh in his initial judgment of them. He wondered who else he’d judged wrongly.