Hurry up and Wait

Prompt: Escape all that waiting and staying

“Is it always like this?” Barnabas asked, looking at the others. Joram frowned slightly, so he said, “Hurry up to get here at a certain time and then wait for them to be ready for us.”

Joram shrugged. “I think it’s that way for all large bureaucracies,” he said. “What do they say in the military? Hurry up and wait?” He chuckled softly at his joke and shrugged. Then, his brows furrowed. “Who’s leading us today?”

Henry grinned. “You are,” he said.

Grimacing, Joram sighed. “Feels like it’s always my turn,” he said.

Barnabas spread his hands. “At least once a week,” he said. Joram, he had realized after the first few days, was almost painfully shy. He was an excellent judge of character and he knew the laws well. Both of those traits served him well as a member of the High Court.

That each of them took a day each week to lead the court was the only thing that seemed to bother him. It forced him to speak for the court. Public speaking was his single weak point. Shy as he was, it was difficult for him to talk with those he knew. Addressing a crowd was almost painful.

Barnabas frowned. Perhaps that was why they were waiting. Perhaps they were hoping that, by giving Joram a few extra minutes to collect himself.

Joram sighed. “Enough with just standing here and waiting,” he said. Drawing back the curtain that separated the five judges from the main part of courtroom, he nodded. Then, they were introduced by the Bailiff and he stepped out into the open. The others formed in pairs behind him, following him into the court.

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