A Wandering Oak

Prompt: No time for spreadin’ roots

“What’s wrong with it?” Amera asked, frowning at the tree. It’s branches were nearly naked. Only a few leaves hung from the ends. It looked weak and sick. She looked at Joram and scowled. “Not enough sun?”

Joram shook his head. “It’s a wandering oak,” he said. He pointed as the tree shifted and swayed for a moment. Then, it tugged up its roots and moved across the garden to another location.

Henry shook his head. “Foolish tree,” he called. “Ya ain’t never gonna get better ‘less you stay someplace a day or so. Pickin’ up and movin’ don’t give ya no time ta spread yer roots!” He looked back at the other judges and blinked. “What?”

“You… your accent was rather thick just then, Henry,” Barnabas said. He smiled. “I don’t believe I’d heard it so pronounced until just then.”

Grinning, Henry said, “I try and watch how I speak when I’m with y’all or in court. That there tree don’t care ‘bout grammar and such like, though.”

Eishi shook his head slightly. “I think your accent is charming, Henry,” he said, smiling. “I believe the others will agree with me when I say: you don’t have to watch your speech on our account.”

“He’s right, Henry,” Joram agreed. “Just be yourself. We won’t judge you for it.”

“Thank’e,” Henry said, beaming at them.