Paying Due Diligence

Prompt: all cities were the same

“Murdered?” Keenan said, his voice soft. He looked from Bertram to Joram and back again. “What team was assigned to the investigation?”

“None, yet,” Bertram said, shaking his head. “Thom’s team is gathering what evidence there is. At the moment, the directors felt it could remain in the hands of a forensics team.”

Keenan’s brows twitched and he bit his lip, a clear sign he was fighting the urge to turn the air blue with curses. “Right,” he said, at last. “I’m assigning Danny’s team to assist them.”

“Haruko’s not going to like it,” Bertram said.

Cursing, Keenan flopped into his chair. “I don’t much care what he likes. I’m the Grand High Commander of Intelligence, aren’t I? That means I can override whatever any of the directors might want.”

“Are you sure that’s necessary, Keenan?” Joram asked, his brows furrowing. “I… don’t want to stir up trouble for you.”

Shaking his head, Keenan said, “It’s not because of you, Jorey. It’s this: until we know if this was a random attack, an attack specifically on Cass or a political assassination, there’s no way to know if the rest of you are safe. Many hands make light work.”

“Too many cooks spoil the broth,” Bertram quipped, earning a glare. He shrugged. “Just saying… throwing more agents at a problem might not solve it faster.”

“If they’ve got different focuses it does,” Keenan replied. He looked at Joram and smiled. “No reason to panic yet. All cities have their crazies and that may be what this was. I just want to be sure.”

“I appreciate your diligence,” Joram said, giving him a wan smile. They’d all sleep easier knowing that Keenan had his best people on the case.