Prompt: No yesterdays on the road

Thom stared at the blood spatter for a moment, then, he snapped a picture of it. He glanced over at Sysuke was supposed to be the best forensics wizard the Agency had. Thom didn’t doubt that. However, he’d been with the Agency for just over ten years and he’d joined at a time before they’d realized what the use of so much magic did to a wizard’s psychological state.

“Syusuke,” he called, trying to get the man’s attention. “Are you ready to do the stress test?” He smiled faintly at Noreen. She had far more patience for Syusuke than he did.

Syusuke frowned and hugged his stuffed rabbit a bit closer. “Bunny doesn’t like this place, Thom,” he whined, stomping his foot. His voice turned low and somewhat spooky, as he said, “There’s death here.”

“We can leave as soon as we know what happened here yesterday,” Thom said, his tone one of exaggerated patience.

Syusuke shook his head slowly. In the same spooky voice, he said, “There is no yesterday here. There is only death.”

“Bunny,” Noreen said, setting her hand on the rabbit’s head. “Let Syusuke do his work now.”

That seemed to snap Syusuke out of his… spell. He blinked and handed Noreen the rabbit. “Hold him for me,” he said, suddenly sounding both adult and serious, without the strangeness of before.

Thom sighed in relief. For a little while, at least, they had their forensics wizard back. “Thank you,” he said, his voice faint. Noreen just shrugged.