Going It Alone

Prompt: he who travels fastest goes alone

Mariah frowned slightly. Where were the others? It didn’t surprise her when Aidan was late. He was seldom punctual now that he and Shinichi were on separate teams. However, that left Steve and the others on the missing list.

Sighing explosively, she spun away and headed to the crime scene. The Ameria Forensics Team had already gone over the place. However, she needed to see the place for herself. She wasn’t looking at it as a forensics expert. She was looking at it as an Enforcer. If she wanted to take someone out and she wanted to do it there, what was the best way?

She had just rounded the corner of the path when she heard rustling in the bushes. Reacting without a thought, she grabbed the person she saw and threw him to the ground. It wasn’t until she had him subdued that she stopped and sighed in frustration. “Steve,” she growled.

“Hey, Mariah,” he breathed, releasing a nervous giggle. “I… wanted to see the crime scene. I figured I’d meet you all here.”

“Mariah,” Eric said, his voice soft. “Did you want to get off my… husband?”

Mariah growled and got up, yanking the smaller man to his feet. “You should have warned me that you’d be out here! I could have killed you!”

Steve sighed. Brushing himself off, he said, “Yeah, well, that’s probably why Aidan wanted us to meet up at the office.” He looked over at Eric and smiled, then looked back at Mariah. “I needed to see the place at the time the crime took place – see it how the victim did.”

“And I needed to see it how the killer did,” Mariah replied. She sighed and shook her head. “Let’s get to work.”

“I’ll call Aidan and tell him where we are,” Eric volunteered.