Into the World

Prompt: longer ways to go

Ezra was distracted when he went to worship that day. He knew he was meant to leave his trouble at the door. He knew he was meant to focus his heart and mind on God. Yet, he concerned by everything that he’d learned – by everything that had happened recently. His worries made the task of focusing on worship one that was easier said than done.

As the pastor began her sermon, however, something in her words caught his attention. It was easy, she said, to tell of God’s love to those who came into the building. Yet, they were meant to go into the world and do the same. They were meant to rely on God’s strength – on their faith in Jesus – to overcome their fear.

Ezra chewed his lip thoughtfully. If those who sought to exclude those of mixed heritage from the government heard God’s word – that all were God’s children – would they turn from their prejudice? Who was to say? All Ezra knew was that he was meant to try. It frightened him, but he had to try. That was what God wanted him to do.

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