From the Darkness

Prompt: grin like a dog

Ezra, in spite of warnings from Aidan to let them handle it and threats from the strange voice on the telephone to stay out of things that didn’t concern him, couldn’t simply let the matter drop. After all, he was part of the group these people were trying to exclude.

He was in church. In fact, he was praying for guidance. A sound, just the soft brush of a slipper on the stone tiles, drew his attention from his meditations. Eyes wide, he whirled away from the altar. In the shadows, he could see a figure.

All he could make out was that the person was taller than him. His eyes seemed to glint in the darkness. White teeth caught the light of the candles, then there was a flash of steel. Ezra cried out as pain spread across his chest.

He fell where he was, his hand clasped over the wound. He looked up to see the feral smile one last time. Then, his eyes closed.

“Should have listened,” a soft voice said.

Ezra knew that voice and not from the telephone calls. He forced his eyes open, but the intruder was gone. He pulled out his cell and pressed two buttons. He heard Chris pick up, but he couldn’t speak.

As darkness closed in, he heard, “Hang on, Ezra! We’re coming!”