Prompt: the call of sea, stars and sky

Ezra felt like he was drifting. He couldn’t say if he was floating in the air or on the water, but he couldn’t feel anything solid under his body. He liked the sensation, but he knew he couldn’t stay in that place. There was something he needed to do.

He could hear voices calling to him. They seemed to come from all around him. At first, he couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then, slowly, a single voice started to make sense to him. He could pick out words from them. He knew that voice. He focused on it.

“…know Ezra,” the voice was saying. “He won’t wake up until he’s good and ready.”

He forced his eyes open and blinked slowly. “Chris?” he said. His voice came out weak and muffled by a mask that covered most of his face. He scowled and tried to pull it away.

A man he didn’t know caught his hands gently. “Leave that there,” he said, his voice soothing. “Do you know where you are? Do you remember what happened?”

Ezra frowned and then his eyes widened as his memories came rushing back. “Hospital,” he said. His voice was stronger now, but still muffled. “I was… attacked.”

Chris looked up sharply. “Did you see who it was, Ezra?” he asked, looking into his eyes.

Shaking his head, Ezra said, “Came at me from the shadows, but… I heard him. He said I should have listened.” His brows furrowed. “It was Lord Haffley.”

AN: Heidi, do you recognize the doctor?