More Than You Know

Prompt: the whole unvisited world

Chris looked at Ezra again. “We’ll find him, Ezra,” he said. “The Agency will send people to bring him into custody.”

“It’s very likely,” Ezra said, his voice faint, “that he is also the person who killed Judge Reinsch. It’s the same MO. I’d have to do a stress test…”

“Sysuke will do the stress test,” Chris said, smoothing the blankets. “The only thing you’re going to do is rest.”

A faint smile touched Ezra’s lips and he nodded. “I wish I could still paint,” he whispered. “The drugs they’ve given me for the pain will give me amazing dreams. I have this whole… unvisited world in my head and, now, I’ve got no way to document it.”

Chris chuckled. “Only you would worry about that at a time like this,” he said. As he stood, Travis entered the room. He nodded. “Stay with him,” he said.

“If not me, someone else,” Travis agreed. “He will not be alone until Lord Haffley is in custody.”

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