A Word about September

November is fast approaching and, with it, will come the National Novel Writing Month. This will be my fifth year participating. My goal, beyond the 50,000 words that they set, is to write a complete story. For the last four years, I’ve done just that. I’m hoping to continue that this year.

In preparation for NaNo, I’m going to be spending the next couple of months getting to know the characters that are going to feature in the novel. To that end, my daily prompts are going to center around Ezra for this month and Logan for next month. In addition, I’m going to posting random things that I write featuring either or both of them. Some will be conversations with the characters that result from an exercise where I pretend to interview them. Others will be character profiles (although, Ezra’s is already complete) or character histories.

If you’ve always said, “Someday, I want to write a novel!” I would invite you to join me and the many many other people across the world in doing just that during November. The homepage for the event is

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