Making Choices

Prompt: the sleep of reason produces monsters

Ezra walked around the perimeter of the workshop. This was his, now. He could paint and draw to his heart’s content. He had space enough to practice his sculpting. He glanced out into the gallery and sighed. Soon, his paintings would be hanging on those walls.

Everything was just like Keller had said. One small thing bothered Ezra. He turned and looked at the print hanging on the far wall. Keller wanted him to make a copy of this piece. He had all the supplies he’d need to perfectly duplicate it. Part of Ezra wanted to know why. Why did Keller want a perfect copy of a painting? Wasn’t Ezra there to make his own, original, pieces?

Copying someone else’s work felt wrong. Yet, Ezra was afraid. What would Keller do if he refused? Would Ezra end up back on the street? Would he lose this chance to make his mother proud of him? Ezra shivered at the thought and pushed his feelings of the wrongness in this situation aside. He would do what Keller said. What other choice did he have?


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