Another Take

Prompt: then, tell me what you’ll do to me

Finian watched as each of his cousins was given a special job to do. He wanted to help, but everyone seemed to think he was too little. He couldn’t help with the cooking, he was too young. He couldn’t help pitch the tents, he wasn’t old enough.

It was worse when he started sending the littler cousins out to clear stones from where they were pitching the tent. Finian knew he could do more than just clear stones or brush away the fallen leaves.

“What about me? What can I do, Uncle?” he said, looking up at his uncle. He pouted. “I wanna help too! What’s my job?”

His uncle gave him a faint smile. “You’re too big to help your little cousins with the leaves and stone, aren’t you?” he said, smoothing Finian’s hair. For a moment, he looked thoughtful. Then, his smile grew. “I have the perfect job for you, Finny!”

His eyes lit up. I job just for him! He could help! “Really?” he said, giggling cheerfully. He scampered forward when his uncle started off towards the trees. “What am I going to do, Uncle?”

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