That You’ll Remember

Prompt: say not soft things

Ezra had been to funerals before. The first had been for his father, when he’d been no more than eight years old. Since then, most had been for passing acquaintances. This time… he had never met Isaac Littlebird.

He leaned over towards Chris. “This poem is something,” he said, his voice hardly more than a whisper.

Chris nodded. “Do you know why you were invited?” Chris breathed. When Ezra shook his head, Chris said, “He was killed by a double agent – someone in the Underground.”

Ezra’s eyes widened. “So you’ve got Winnie and myself spying on them and they had… someone else spying on you?” he hissed. Chris nodded and Ezra bit his lip. What could he say to that? Keenan took the words out of his mouth.

“I have to agree with the writer of that poem,” Keenan said. “We could stand here and say we’ll remember him, but he’s beyond hearing. We could stand over his grave, crying our eyes out, but he won’t see that where he is now. He’s got no use for honor now.”

He glanced around at the assembled agents. “So, instead of crying or promising to never forget him or giving him honors, let’s do this: let’s see that he won’t have died in vain. Let’s see to it that the people who caused Isaac Littlebird and his partner to lose their lives are brought to justice, so that they can’t betray the Agency or their country or – most importantly – their fellow agents ever again.”

Ezra nodded. “I’ll do my best,” he murmured.


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