Braving the Unknown

Prompt: courage is morally neutral

“There’s no way the kitten can get past the security system alone,” Severin said. A faint smirk touched his lips. “Mr. Keller thinks she might need a bit of help from a little fox.”

Ezra looked up from the painting he was working on and arched an eyebrow. “What makes you think I’m even capable of helping her?” he said. He shook his head. “I’m an artist. I paint. I sculpt.”

“You also hack computers,” Severin said.

A slight frown touched Ezra’s lips. He sighed and set the paintbrush down. “Very well,” he said. He nodded. “Give me the time and place.” He wasn’t brave, at least not normally. This, however, was something he could do. He’d never even have to see Shadow Kitten face to face.

“Thought you’d see it our way,” Severin said. He set a file folder on the small table at Ezra’s elbow and walked away. He turned and headed for the door, waving jauntily over his shoulder. “Have fun.”

“Oh, yes, a thrill a minute,” Ezra murmured, lifting the folder to look at it.


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