More Than Words

Prompt: the twilight language

“Hey, Kitten,” Ezra said, adjusting the microphone in front of his mouth. “Can you hear me?”

“Loud and clear, Fox,” came the drawling reply. “What say ya talk me through this here security?”

“That is what I aim to do,” Ezra replied. Where Kitten’s words came out in a lazy drawl, his own were delivered in a clipped, precise tone. His lilting accent was similar to, but somehow different from, hers.

Ezra adjusted his glasses and looked at the schematics on the viewscreen in front of him. “They don’t have any guards,” he said. He wondered if she could detect the hint of nervousness in his tone. So many things could go wrong. Would the Organization blame him if their top thief were captured?

“Steady on, Little Fox,” Kitten said, as if she could somehow see his worried expression. He knew it was impossible, but it was comforting somehow. “No guards means they’ve got top notch security. What do ya see?”

Ezra nodded. He could almost imagine her crouching in the grass outside the wall. His gaze drifted over the schematics again. “Motion detectors and tangle vines just inside the walls,” he said. “Trip a motion detector and lights come on, waking the tangle vines.”

“Can you take out the motion detectors?”

As his hands danced over the keys, Ezra said, “If you land too heavily or make too much noise, they’ll still wake.” He hadn’t changed tone in the least, but somehow that didn’t seem to matter.

“Don’t you worry, honey,” Kitten said. He could imagine a sly smile flitting over her smooth, even features. “They don’t call me Kitten ‘cause I’m a young cat burglar, after all.”

Ezra smiled. “Of course not,” he said.

“Shoot, Fox,” Kitten said. He could almost hear her blush as she added, “Bet you’ve got that know it all smirk, right? The one that says, ‘Naw, they call ya that ‘cause you make that tight suit look good.’ Am I right?”

That was all it took. Ezra chuckled lightly, now completely calm and self-assured. “Isn’t it?” he said. “It’s either that or because you’ve got the agility of a cat.” Kitten snorted and Ezra keyed the last part of the sequence. “Let’s just see how agile you are, Shadow Kitten. The motion detectors are disabled.”


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