A New Creature

Prompt: you are due to be transformed

Ezra studied the image he was meant to be copying. It was beautiful. The composition – the color balance – the way it drew the eyes to different points in the scene. However, what struck Ezra the most was the way it made him feel.

“This is incredible,” he breathed.

There was a soft scrape on the tiled floor and Ezra turned to see a man step up beside him. He adjusted his glasses. “Religious artwork often are,” he said. “It was the artist’s rendition of their calling – when they found God.”

Ezra’s eyes widened and he looked up at the image. “God,” he said, his voice soft. What would God think of what he was doing with his life? He was a talented artist and he wanted to use that gift the way God had intended. Instead, he was forging artworks so that the Organization would ransom them back to their owners.

He bit his lip and swallowed thickly. He wanted to change. He didn’t want to do this anymore. The problem was… he had no idea how to escape from the trap he’d built for himself. He wanted to change, but he couldn’t see how to do that.