Of Willows and Lilies

Prompt: almost gold, almost amber, almost light

Ezra studied the painting with a frown on his face. He tilted his head one way and then the other. For some reason, he’d expected the dangling leaves of the willow to be golden or pale green. They were so dark – so outside of what he’d anticipated.

“Can you replicate it?” Severin asked, his brows furrowing. “Remember, in this case, Keller wants the style reproduced, not the exact image. Doable for you, Little Fox?”

After a moment more, a smile touched Ezra’s lips. “Yes,” he said, giving Severin a sidelong glance. “Give me… a week? I’ll have something ready for you a week from today.”

“Shadow Kitten will call to set up the meet,” Severin said. As he turned away, Ezra looked back at the image. In his piece, the willow tree would observed from outside of its shading branches. His willow would shine golden beside the blue water, with its pink lilies.


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