Of the Flesh or of the Spirit

Prompt: Film and Flesh

Ezra listened to the pastor speak with his brows drawn together at the center of his forehead. How could the spirit and the flesh be so opposed? How was it that they were created that way, specifically to keep people from doing what they wanted?

On some level he understood. The desires of the flesh, were things that were often best avoided. People tended to want everything, even when it was bad for them. The desires of the spirit… well, that was what God wanted. So, did that mean that people wanted to do things they shouldn’t? That the spirit was there to remind them what they should do instead?

He shook out of his thoughts and listened again. Yes, the pastor seemed to be saying just that. People had a sinful nature, but a godly one as well. Jesus had redeemed them – given them a spirit to remind them what was right. Ezra needed to heed that spirit more and his mother’s advice just a bit less.

Author’s note: This is based on Galatians 5:13-17.


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