Prompt: I know enough of hate

Logan was grumbling as he came into the room, but stopped when Cyrus caught his eye. “The Underground,” he said. He let out a deep, frustrated sigh. “They are so infuriating!”

Cyrus nodded. “One wonders what could possibly motivate them,” he said, tilting his head slightly.

“Hate,” Logan said. There was no uncertainty in his tone. “It might not be so of all of them, but the ones in power are motivated by a hatred of the established authority. They think they could do better.”

Blinking, Cyrus said, “You seem pretty sure of yourself.” Then, he looked chagrined and added, “Then again, I suppose you’d know a lot about hate.”

It was tough to say whether Cyrus meant that people hated Logan or that Logan hated himself. Either way, Logan nodded. “I’m familiar with hate,” he said.