A Way To Forget

Prompt: skin has gotten thicker but it burns the same

Logan sighed softly as he eased into the warm water. The moon was very nearly full. Tomorrow night – tomorrow night the change would come over him. He hated it. Not that begin a wolf was so horrible.

Far from it, in fact. He was not the most handsome of men, but he was a beautiful wolf. His fur was soft and thick, sleek and black. He was large and muscular. He loved the feel of the wind in his fur and the sense of running free in the forest.

However, the change itself was painful. He also lost himself in the sensations of being a wild animal and forgot what it was like to be man for those three days. There was more though.

Logan looked at the scars that crossed his arms and chest. The long gashes and deep impressions had been left by the werewolf’s claws and teeth. They were partially healed, but he knew they’d never truly fade. They still burned and ached when the full moon drew near.

He heard a footstep in the hall and looked up. “That you, Cy?” he called.

Cyrus peered into the bath, a faint smile on his lips. “All right, Remy?” he said, sounding concerned.

Logan nodded. “They just… hurt. Schuyler says it’s some kind of muscle memory,” he said. He closed his eyes. “The bath helps cool them a bit.” He stopped short of saying that there was nothing to really make the pain go away.

He felt Cyrus slip into the water and opened his eyes. A faint smile touched his lips. His scars might still ache and burn, but Cyrus had a way of making him forget the pain and fear that came with his transformations.