Strange Calm

Logan was nearly finished grading papers when he heard insistant pounding on the door of his office. He sighed softly and set his pen down. “One moment,” he called, when the pounding came again.

He opened the door to see Naomi and Olivia standing there. Olivia looked terrified, but Naomi seemed perfectly calm. It was a strange contrast. Before he could speak, Naomi said, “Please, sir, could you come with us?”

Logan scowled and grabbed his coat. “Whatever is wrong, Olivia?” he asked.

“He’s dead,” she said, her voice high and faint. “I think he’s dead! What are we going to do?”

“Dead?” Logan repeated. He looked from Olivia to Naomi and then back again. “What? What has happened?” He looked at Naomi.

Naomi looked at him and shrugged. “We were searching for faeries at the edge of the forest,” she said. “Jeffrey startled us and Olivia hexed him. He just sort of crashed into the ground and didn’t move.”

Logan’s eyes widened in shock. How could she be so calm? He shook his head. “Get the school physician,” he said. Then, he looked at Olivia and said, “Show me where.” As Naomi hurried off across the fields, Olivia led Logan towards the scene.