Prompt: the dross of Tuesday

Keenan burst into the teacher’s lounge and flopped down on an ottoman, narrowly missing Logan’s feet. He tended to do things with only one speed: full throttle. The result was that he tended to bowl people over in spite of his small stature.

“Logan,” he said, grabbing the taller man’s feet and looking at him with intense, dark eyes. “What’d you have planned for class this afternoon? What are you doing with the kids, I mean?”

“Since we didn’t finish our lesson from yesterday,” Logan said, looking at Keenan over his glasses, “I suppose I intended to do that. Dare I ask why you wanted to know?”

“I wanted to take my class on a little excursion,” Keenan said, a sunny smile touching his lips. “Thought maybe you could come and help me herd the cats.”

“Your field excursions have a way of ending badly, Keenan,” Logan said, looking doubtful.

“Oh, come on,” Keenan said, leaning closer. “It’s way more fun than just finishing stuff you didn’t get to on Tuesday. Get a substitute for you class and come with me, please?”

“No,” Logan said, turning his attention to his book. “Get one of the student teachers to come with you.”

“Phillip won’t let me take them, ‘cause of what happened last time,” Keenan grumbled. “Everyone here just needs to lighten up a bit. It’s not as if anyone died! Her hair just got a little singed.”

Logan watched him leave the teacher’s lounge and then sighed softly in relief. Even the most boring and tedious task was preferable to going on a field trip with Keenan. He said a silent prayer for whomever Keenan managed to rope into the task.