Kill the lead

Prompt: true as autopsies on tape

Ezra sat in the chair, staring at his reflection. Logan, on the other side of the one-way glass, stared back at him. When the door opened behind him, he didn’t look up. He knew who it was. “What did they determine?”

“Director Urban was killed at approximately ten o’clock last evening,” Tiana said, stepping up beside him. “You’ve got witnesses corroborating his alibi?”

“The butler saw Sweetin leave at nine o’clock and never saw him return,” Logan said. His brows furrowed. “A witness saw him in the park at just after ten.” He pulled his gaze away and added, “She was walking her dog, which barked at Sweetin’s cat. They had a brief conversation about the meteor shower, which he was painting.”

“That would seem to indicate he was telling the truth,” Tiana said, looking through the glass the man who had, until that moment, been their only suspect.

Nodding, Logan said, “No reason for the coroner to lie, so… yeah, he’s as good as his word.” He didn’t move, as Tiana headed into the interrogation room to tell Ezra the news. He was free to go and they were left without a single lead on the murder of one of the Agency’s directors.


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