You’re Not Alone

Prompt: we shall always be alone

Morgan sat down opposite Lucas and looked at him intently. “So,” she said, as the train lurched into motion. “How about you explain to me how it is that someone I know is twenty looks like they can’t be more than five or six?”

Lucas hesitated. He glanced around and then looked back up at Morgan. “I guess this is about as private a spot as I could ask for,” he said, his voice weak. He shrugged. “Some sort of spell. I got hit with it and, next thing I knew, I woke up like this.”

“And that man?”

“Was sent to catch me,” Lucas said. He grimaced. “I’ve been running and hiding for over a month now. He’d just caught up to me when you intervened.”

“A month,” Morgan said. She sighed and shook her head. “Why didn’t you go to the Agency for help? I mean, I know you’ve helped on missions in the past.”

Lucas looked down and shrugged. “I… guess I was embarrassed,” he murmured. “I – I’ve never felt so vulnerable before – so alone!”

He startled when Morgan set her hand over his. As he met her gaze, she smiled. “Well, you’re not alone anymore,” she said. “I won’t let anything happen to you. However, I’m meeting someone on this train. So…”

“Want me to sit next to you,” Lucas said. He grinned at her. It was a weak smile, almost like he was afraid to relax enough to actually enjoy himself. When Morgan nodded, he hopped down and settled in the seat beside her. For several minutes, she watched and waited, while Lucas sat quietly at her side. She barely noticed when he fell asleep.


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