Theoretical Magic

Prompt: that’s magic too

Cyrus paused in the doorway of the classroom. He always enjoyed watching Logan teach. Where he was normally very deferential towards people, he was the leader in his classroom. He commanded respect from his students and, with a few exceptions, he got it too!

Logan’s lilting tones drifted into the hall and Cyrus listened. “For this spell, you start with your wand perfectly vertical, then – as you say the spell words – you bring it down sharply to a horizontal position.”

He demonstrated with a pointer. Then he waved at the students. “Let’s see you try,” he said, giving them a faint smile.

It always amazed Cyrus. Logan had not magic, yet he was perfectly capable of understanding magic theory well enough to teach evocation spells to a class full of young students. A faint smile touched Cyrus’ lips. Perhaps, in his own way, Logan had magic after all.


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