A Little Excitement

Prompt: vibrant

Morgan had heard stories about this place. Supposedly, the man who had once owned this property had trapped some sort of horrible monster in a labyrinth. He had kept everyone well away, claiming that the beast was secure, they had no need for concern. Outside interference might wake it, he claimed.

A terrible cry split the woods and Morgan tensed. Rather than doing what most sensible people would do, she moved towards the sound. She found the edge of the labyrinth. The cry came again and Morgan realized that the sound was not terrifying at all. Instead, it was heartbreaking.

She stepped around to the entrance of the labyrinth. Though bars blocked her path, the guards who had once been posted there had long sense departed. She peered through the bars.

There, deep in the hidden recesses of the labyrinth, she could make out a vague shape. It was a brightly colored creature unlike anything she’d ever seen. In some ways, it reminded her of a horse, but the tail was more like a lion’s and the face was more goatlike. A single golden horn stood out from the creature’s brow.

Morgan watched in awe as it opened its mouth and the same sad cry erupted. She looked at the rusted steel door. It wouldn’t take much. She shook the door and tugged at it and it pulled free. With a struggle, she was able to open the door wide enough for the creature to push its way out of the labyrinth.

“You’re free,” she called.

The rainbow painted creature turned towards her. Then, with an excited cry, it launched itself at the opening. Morgan had just managed to scramble out of the way when it leapt through the narrow portal. Before she could turn around, the creature had vanished into the trees. Singing – the most beautiful sound she’d ever heard – echoed back to her and Morgan smiled faintly. Then, she started back down the mountain towards her home.