Something Lost

Prompt: look underneath

Cyrus sighed loudly as Schuyler came into the room. “Thank God!” he said, bouncing forward to grab him by the arm. “I have torn this place apart and he’s just not here! What am I going to do when Sweetin gets back? How’m I gonna explain it?”

“Take a breath,” Schuyler said, rolling his eyes. He pulled away and then started moving through the flat where they were pretending to hide the missing artist. “If you didn’t let him out, he has to be here. Right?”

“I suppose,” Cyrus said, not sounding convinced.

Schuyler rolled his eyes again. He finished checking the sitting room and moved to the bath, then each bedroom. He ground his teeth when he found the object of his search. Then, he turned and headed back to the sitting room. “Next time you panic, try checking under the bed.”

“The bed?”

“Sweetin’s dog is under the bed, Cyrus,” Schuyler said, his tone one of exaggerated patience. “He’s in that room, curled up and sound asleep underneath your bed. Which you have known, had you but looked underneath it, rather than panicking.”

“Right,” Cyrus said. As Schuyler headed back outside, he called, “Thanks, mate!” The door slammed rather solidly and he flinched. “Well,” he mused, “don’t I feel a fool.”


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