Miles To Go

Prompt: on little cat feet

Mischief made her way through the town. Most people barely paid her any mind. It was interesting and she wasn’t about to complain. It made things easier. She seemed to blend into the background. She could slip in and out of places from which she’d normally be barred.

She slinked through an open door and entered the Agency building. Of course, it didn’t look like an Agency building. What it looked like was the local radio station. However, Daddy had told her that the Agency ran the local radio station. This was where he’d sent her on her mission.

“Hey kitty,” a soft, low voice said.

Mischief looked up at the speaker. He was tall and slender, with long dark hair. Daddy would have called him a lovely man. He was dressed in a cute school uniform, like a little girl would wear.

She padded over to him and nuzzled against his fingers. Purring loudly, she flopped onto her side and rolled onto her back, revealing the canister that Daddy had attached to her collar.

“What in…” the lovely man said. He took the container off her neck and looked at it for a moment. “I guess now I’ve seen it all.” He patted Mischief on the head and then stood. “Tell Fox we got his message, kitty.”

Mischief lingered a moment longer. Then, she chirped and scurried away. She had many miles to go before she slept and little fur feet to travel on.


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