What Lies Underground

Prompt: shoot with my mind

Amanda frowned darkly as she watched them. The child was not expected. He was a complete unknown. The woman was her target’s sweetheart and probably his greatest weakness. Then, there was the target himself.

Her gaze focused on him. He didn’t look like much. He was small and lightly built. He seemed timid. She didn’t understand why her superiors wanted him alive. She could easily seize his mind from here. His blood vessels would explode and he would be dead. He had betrayed the Organization. Why should he live?

Amanda growled softly. Her gaze focused on her target for a moment. Then, a hand cut in front of her intense gaze and she blinked in confusion. “Now, Calliope,” her partner said, his voice soft. “We are meant to bring the little Fox in alive, after all.”

“Notte,” she breathed. “I could kill you. You know that, don’t you?” Grinding her teeth, Amanda whirled away and turned her gaze out the window. She exhaled loudly as she watched the passing scenery. Traitors deserved to die. Why was this one any different? Behind her, she could hear Notte chuckling softly. He was as mad as the Fox was traitorous.


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