The Slender Man

Lucas read the webpage with only vague feelings of interest. He had heard the stories of a strange tall man whose face was different to every that saw him – who wore a suit and might or might not have tentacles, in addition to his arms. He knew where the first images had originated. It was a hoax – an experiment in how long it took something to become an urban legand.

However, as he now scanned the images, one photograph jumped out at him. The Slender Man was just visible behind a tree, watching what seemed to be a children’s party. What struck Lucas was… the man seemed familiar in some way – a way that had nothing to do with having viewed the other images before it.

“It’s just a story,” he snapped, closing the browser window. He had more important things to do than waste his time playing on the network. He had a conference to get to. After all, he was one of the presenters.


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