What Words Can’t Say

Prompt: a warm reluctance

Morgan watched as Ezra painted. The image seemed to come alive as he added the tiny, fine details that were quickly making him famous as an artist, at least in the city of North Lake. She’d been there for over an hour and Ezra had hardly said more than a few words to her.

She knew he cared about her. She could tell from the lingering glances he shot her direction when he thought she wouldn’t notice. She could tell from the way he treated her – as if she were as precious as one of his artworks. However, he had yet to express his feelings openly.

Devin said he was an innocent. It made sense, anyone named Ezra would have that as their dominant personality trait. She’d never dated one and she wondered if they were all as shy and demure when it came to emotions as Ezra was or if something had happened to make him this way.


He looked over at her and blinked. “I’m sorry,” he murmured, dropping his gaze. “I’m not being a very good host, am I?”

She smiled faintly as he set the brush and palette aside. As he stepped over to her, she caught his hand and drew him near. Then, before he could realize her intensions, she kissed him gently on the lips. Ezra tensed, but didn’t pull away.

When Morgan broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes. They were wide with confusion and his cheeks held a faint flush of color. “I got tired of waiting,” she said, smiling faintly.

“I… am not sure what to say,” Ezra breathed. A faint, cautious smile touched his lips. “It was nice. I wouldn’t mind do it again?”