Happy Halloween

Chrislyn watched Ezra as they walked through the crowd. His eyes were wide and he was looking around quickly, as if he were trying to take everything in at the same time. On some level, it was amusing to see a grown man with such an expression of wonder on his face. On another, he was beginning to understand what Chris had meant about Ezra making everything – even very simple things – seem amazing.

“Everyone’s costumes look so incredible,” Ezra said, glancing back at Chrislyn. He grinned, revealing the fangs he’d sent away for, especially for this costume. When Chrislyn nodded, he went back to watching the crowd.

“Nice ears, man,” one of the other partygoers said.

Chrislyn chuckled softly. “Their natural,” he said. He shrugged his shoulders and added, “I’m an elf.”

“He’s dressed up as a vampire,” Ezra said helpfully. He grinned, flashing the fangs again. “I’m a cat!”

“Great costume,” the other man said. He laughed and shrugged. “I’m death… on a triscuit.” Laughing, the man drifted away. Soon, he was lost in the crowd once more.

Ezra arched an eyebrow. “So… would you say he looked like death on a triscuit?”

Chrislyn’s musical laughter rose above the noise of the crowd. “Indeed,” he said, nodding.