Install a beak that clucks time in Arabic

Ezra had seen many new and different things since he’d first arrived on Terra. Some were amazing. Others were just interesting. He thought some were ingenious, but there were a good number that made him wonder… just why were they invented?

He gasped and withdrew as the strange little bird sprang out through the little door. He frowned at it and shook his head. “Why, in the name of all that is, would you want a little bird to jump out at you and chime out the hour by making such an annoying cry?”

Josh frowned. “You know, I’m not sure,” he said, blinking. “I guess, it’s something of a novelty type of thing. Some of them sing, you know? And others have people who come out and dance.”

“I should like that better than a bird jumping to scare me half to death,” Ezra said, smirking. He had to admit though, that the little cogs and gears that ran the device were absolutely amazing. Frowning, he added, “Maybe I’ll have to find one with dancers to take home as a wedding gift.”


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