Everything we talked about yesterday.

Ezra smiled at the clock. It was actually a pretty little clock. There were leaves and birds carved into the frame that surrounded the face. Little gold numbers were painted around the face. It had a leaf-shaped pendulum and weights shaped like acorns.

There were also two doors. One would open every half hour to release the fearful bird that gave the clock its name. The other opened on the hour, after the bird had finished crying the hour. A little pair of dancers would emerge, then. They would twirl as the clock played a cheerful tune.

“It’s so beautiful,” he said. He glanced at Josh and smiled. “What is the tune called?” he asked, blinking.

“The Anniversary Waltz,” he said. He looked thoughtful and then sang, “Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed!”

Ezra’s eyes widened. “That makes it perfect for a wedding gift, doesn’t it?” he said. He smiled at Josh and then bowed politely. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re quite welcome,” Josh said, smiling warmly.


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